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    With concerns about climate change, natural and human resource availability, sustainable wine is becoming even more important. At 90+ Cellars, our efforts start with the wineries we partner with, and we're always seeking new winery partners who adopt sustainable practices in the vineyard and winery.

    Sustainability means producing high quality grapes and wines, preserving the natural environment, and being a good neighbor.

    Sustainability and wine, how does it work?

    Sustainable winemaking practices conserve and protect soil, air and water with the aim of producing outstanding wine over the long-term by depleting less and renewing more of the natural resources required to farm healthy grapes. This includes water management, energy conservation, soil health, pest management, waste management, wildlife habitat, green building, land conservancy and overall quality of life.  

    Wines made with organic grapes exclude the use of any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides in the farming process.  This also reduces water usage in the vineyard, preserves soil health, and conserves the natural environment and local wildlife.