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    We'll Admit It, We Love Great Wine

    That’s why we started 90+ Cellars.

    It all started in the spring of 2009. Armed with a copy of the latest Wine Spectator, founder Kevin Mehra set out on a mission to bring higher quality wine to the market for a better price. He started calling wineries with a history of high ratings to ask if they had wine for sale. Some told him to get lost, but in the end, he found a handful of wineries that liked his concept. The plan was simple: we put their wine behind our label, and sell it for less.

    But why would wineries want to do that?

    You may recall that the economy wasn’t in the best shape in 2009. Demand for premium and luxury wines had plummeted and inventories were piling up. Rather than discount their wine and erode the value of their brand, we found that wineries were willing to part with a certain percentage of their production for a reduced price.

    It was a win/win scenario. Wineries got to sell more wine, and consumers got access to better wine at lower prices.

    Our company and industry has changed quite a bit since we launched; but our mission and our ability to offer great wine for a great price has not. With our Wine Director, Brett Vankoski, we continue to seek out the best opportunities in the market and turn those into great values in the bottle for you.

    Today, 90+ Cellars is one of the fastest growing wine brands in America. We are a modern day négociant – working with acclaimed wineries and vineyards to curate a portfolio of fine wines from all over the globe. We do this because we love great wine, and we want to make drinking great wine easier and more affordable for you. Find your nearest 90+ retailer on our Store Locator, or check out our full selection of wines in our online store.