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    Seven mixed bottles of red and white wine on a white marble countertop. The wines shown include Lot 207 Chianti from Italy, Lot 2 Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand, Lot 33 Rosé from Languedoc, France, and Lot 75 Pinot Noir from Russian River Valley, Sonoma County California.

    Great Wine Since 2009

    When we launched 90+ Cellars, we set out on a mission to make the world of GREAT wine more accessible. By partnering with highly-rated wineries, avoiding the typical winery overhead, and curating a global collection of top-notch wines, we make it easier to find, buy and enjoy great wine.

    It's a well-kept secret in the wine world that even the most highly acclaimed wineries often produce, or have the ability to produce, more wine than they can sell under their own labels. Knowing this fact, 90+ Cellars founder Kevin Mehra saw an opportunity to partner with premier wineries and give them the ability to sell more wine, while in turn offering wine lovers access to world-class wines at unbeatable prices. This unique concept became the foundation of 90+ Cellars.

    Since 2009, we have built dozens of partnerships with wineries that have a history of high (90+ point) ratings to offer a curated collection of wines that we know you'll love. By avoiding the typical overhead and geographical boundaries that come with owning a winery and vineyard land, we can not only bring you wines from every corner of the world, but we can offer these remarkable bottles at the best possible prices.

    We have released well over 200 wines since the beginning. Many of these wines are still part of our collection, while others have come and gone. Some of our wines are available year-round, others are more limited. But, one thing that is true about all of our wines is that they have all passed our rigorous test of quality and value to get their own unique Lot Number and earn the 90+ stamp of approval.