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The Perfect Summer Sip: Orange Wine

The Perfect Summer Sip: Orange Wine

We're excited to introduce you to our first Orange Wine: Lot 215 Vino Bianco! We turned to Lexi Stephens of @lexiswinelist to help us break down everything you need to know about Orange Wine and why it will be your new drink of choice this summer. Make sure you grab a bottle of this limited release before it's gone!

Lot 215 Orange Wine

90+ Cellars just dropped a new orange wine and it is 100% a new go-to for me this summer. It’s crushable, juicy, and perfectly refreshing for sunny days. If you haven’t tasted orange wine yet, take this as your sign to do so.

What is orange wine?

But first, let’s address the elephant in the room…is orange wine made from oranges? 

While the name is misleading, orange wine is not actually made of citrus fruit, but rather white wine grapes. You may have also heard this trendy wine style referred to as “skin contact” wine, and here’s why.

Simply put, orange wine is a white wine that has been made in the same way as red wine. White wine grapes are harvested and brought into the cellar, and rather than crushing the grapes and separating the skins from the juices (as you would with a traditional white wine), the crushed skins stick with the juice for the period of the fermentation process. 

This extra “skin contact” provides the wine with more aromatics, complexity, and texture. It’s the reason you can experience some tannins in orange wine, like you do with many reds. And you guessed it— the longer the skin contact, the more structure an orange wine will have.

Why is orange wine cloudy?

Many orange wines are unfiltered, so you might see some sediment floating around the juice or settled at the bottom of the bottle. This is nothing to be afraid of and just a byproduct of fermentation. It’s a sign the wine was made more naturally, with nothing taken away. 

Feel free to decant or leave the bottle standing right-side-up to allow the sediment to settle before pouring a glass.

History of Orange Wine

While this trendy wine has recently gained some new popularity, it’s actually a historic winemaking technique, dating back thousands of years in Georgia. 

With a history of about 6,000 years, orange wine has made a comeback, earning a well-deserved spotlight for its attractive orange color and ultimate crushability. It’s definitely a wine to please both white and red wine drinkers.

What does orange wine taste like?

In the glass, the 90+ Cellars Lot 215 Vino Bianco has a beautiful, bright orange hue, paired with a little cloudiness due to the lack of filtration.

Made from Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes from the hills of Italy’s Abruzzo, the wine is aromatic on the nose with notes of tangerine blossom, candied orange peel, and ripe stone fruits. The palate is dry with balanced acidity, a long finish, and exotic tropical fruit flavors. It’s a quaffable sipper that’s perfect for summer.

Aside from being the ideal companion for sunny days at the beach, orange wine is also one of the most food-friendly wines. Its balanced acidity and texture from the tannins allow it to stand up to many foods and the perfect pairing can bring out the wine’s fruity complexity beautifully.

Try this Lot 215 Vino Bianco with hard cheeses, brunch, or summer picnic snacks like crostini, light charcuterie meats, and bright salads. Or, just enjoy a bottle (or two) with good company and an ocean view.

Be sure to stock up on this limited-edition 90+ Cellars Lot 215 Vino Bianco before it’s gone!

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