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Beyond the Glass: French Rosé Wine Regions

Discover French rosé wine regions

We're in the peak of summer heat and find ourselves reaching for rosé more and more. Ever wonder about what makes the rosé in your glass so special? We turned to WSET Level 3 certified wine blogger, Carolyn Coving of @carolyncoving, to help us explore three iconic regions of France that produce world class rosé for us to enjoy in the summer and all year long. Pour yourself a glass of your favorite 90+ Cellars rosé and let's head to France, shall we?

Nothing says summer like a chilled glass of French rosé! It’s been a way of making wine for thousands of years, but in the last two decades, rosé has become one of the most popular styles of wine to sip on for any occasion. While rosé wine is being made all over the world with different grape varieties and methods, in this article, I’ll be focusing on the regions in France that have really set the benchmark for quality rosé. These 90+ Cellars rosé wines will make you feel as if you’ve been transported to a Chateau in France, breathing in the fresh Mediterranean air, and soaking up the beaming sun on vacation. 

Sancerre, Loire Valley, France

The Loire Valley of France is a unique region that is known for diversity in the terroir, and thus, producing a variety of wines. Sancerre is a region in the Loire Valley that is most famous for growing Sauvignon Blanc, but they also grow Pinot Noir. Did you know that Sancerre rosé is a thing? And let me tell you, this rosé is fruit-forward, mineral driven, and complex. The vineyards of Pinot Noir grapes used for making this rosé are situated on rolling hills made of limestone and clay soils, which gives wine that smooth mineral quality. 

90+ Cellars Lot 196 Sancerre Rosé gets its beautiful pink hue from short maceration on the skins, followed by delicate pressing, fermentation, and a bit of fine lees aging before bottling. This process guarantees the wine will be fresh and fruity, with a bit more complexity and texture that gives these wines the potential to age for two to three years. This rosé is a fun addition to the 90+ Cellars collection, and has notes of strawberries, watermelon, and crushed herbs. This wine is great on its own, or paired with light cheeses on a summer afternoon!

Côtes de Provence, Provence, France

Provence, France, known as the rosé capital of the world, has really set the tone for modern day rosé winemaking. This region has become so popular for making rosé because of the consistency, style, and quality. The light, pale salmon color, crisp acidity and dry finish have influenced other regions around the world that are now making rosé. Côtes de Provence, the largest appellation in the Provence region, is the biggest producer of wines in Provence, with close to 90% of those wines being rosé! 

The 90+ Cellars Lot 132 Côtes de Provence Rosé is a blend of Cinsault and Grenache grapes, grown in Le Haut Var of Provence. The warm Mediterranean climate in this region allows for the grapes to reach their full ripening potential, while the mountains and ocean breezes provide a cooling affect that helps preserve the acidity in the grapes. This wine has aromas and flavors of bright red fruits, wet stones, and white peaches. This wine is perfect for pairing with light dishes such as a citrus salad, whipped goat cheese with tomatoes and peaches, or a fresh seafood pasta. 

Languedoc, France

Languedoc, France is the largest producer of rosé wine in the entire country! Rosé here is similar to that of Provence, where most are blends of Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, and Mourvèdre. It may not be as famous as a region for rosé like Provence, but the quality is definitely there. The unique terroir of this region with the Mediterranean coast to the east, Pyreneese Mountains to the south, and a diversity of soil types, means that all kinds of rosé expressions can be produced here. 

90+ Cellars Lot 33 Rosé is a blend of Grenache and Cinsault, and receives its light color from brief skin contact followed by a long, cool fermentation. This wine is well balanced with a rounded body, bright acidity, and ripe fruit flavors. On the nose and palate, you’ll find notes of cherries, white pepper, and melon. This wine is perfect for summer and enjoying on a hot day! 


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