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The Best Sparkling Wines for the Holiday Season

The best sparkling wines to celebrate the holidays

We Bring the Bubbly all year round, but sparkling wine is especially fun during the holiday season. Who doesn’t love popping open a great bottle of bubbles to get the festivities started? Whether it’s as an aperitif, a holiday cocktail, a great food pairing, or as a perfect gift for wine lovers in your life, sparkling wine will make all occasions this holiday season that much more enjoyable. From Prosecco to Champagne, Lambrusco and beyond, we’ve got you covered! 


Nothing says “the holidays” more than opening up a crisp bottle of Prosecco. Don’t get us wrong, we enjoy our Lot 50 Prosecco throughout the entire year, but there’s something about the festivities of the season that have us reaching for this fizzy Italian wine even more. The delicious, foamy bubbles and clean citrusy profile make Prosecco well suited for sipping on its own or to liven up a sparkling cocktail (‘tis the season for holiday cocktails). With refreshing acidity and notes of lemon, lilac, and even ginger, Lot 50 Prosecco is extremely versatile and will pair well with all kinds of dishes without overpowering them.


Does it get any more festive than a sparkling red wine? We’re here to tell you that you need to add Lot 172 Lambrusco to your holiday wine list this year. It’s refreshing, rich in flavor, and those red fruit notes are magic next to a dish piled high with holiday eats. Enjoy this Italian red sparkler slightly chilled with everything from charcuterie boards… to turkey and cranberry sauce… to roast beef and mashed potatoes. 


Pink bubbles? Yes please! This wine is everything you love about Prosecco, with hints of red fruits and a festive blush tint thanks to a small addition of Pinot Nero! This sparkling pink wine is definitely meant to be enjoyed with friends - it’s such a crowd pleaser! With tantalizing notes of redcurrants, apple blossom, and strawberries, it will keep you coming back for more. Lot 197 Prosecco Rosé is perfect for pretty much anything on the table since it will keep your palate refreshed, so you can enjoy this all the way from decorating for the holidays to ringing in the new year!


Lot 134 Moscato d’Asti is definitely more than just a dessert wine. It’s crisp, balanced, and tastefully sweet with a light fizz and perfumed aromas - not like the overly sweet Moscato you may be thinking of. Enjoy this wine with a delicious charcuterie board, or pair it up with an array of holiday desserts. From fruit tarts and pies to Christmas cakes like Panettone, the juicy peach and honey notes will complement endless options. A bottle of Lot 134 could even make an effortless dessert on its own, too! So if you were wondering if Moscato d’Asti for the holidays is a good idea… we hope this answered your question.

Prosecco, Moscato, Lambrusco… oh my!

These are some of the best wines for the holidays. Head to this link to check out all of our sparkling wines so you can Bring the Bubbly and be everyone’s favorite this season. Cheers + Happy Holidays!

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