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How to Create Your Own Blind Tasting at Home

How to create your own wine blind tasting at home

It’s time to put your wine tasting skills to the test! We partnered with our friend Faith P., blogger of Design Fixation, to create an at-home Blind Tasting Kit and DIY wine bag tutorial. 

Grab your friends and let’s get tasting… 

throw a blind tasting while you're at home

What you’ll need for the Blind Tasting:

  • Wine glasses and a few different wines 

  • Pens

  • Papers to write out or type and print the wine tasting notes and descriptions 

  • A cover for your wine bottles so you can’t see what’s being poured 

    • Design Fixation crafted and sewed fabric bags to hold the wine (see her tutorial here). After the tasting, you can reuse these as wine gift bags for friends! 

    • If you’re not as skilled with a needle and thread, we’ve also seen paper bags or aluminum foil work just as well. 

  • A marker to number each bottle

quarantine activity: throw a blind wine tasting

Step 1: 

Create tasting note cards using the information on the back of the 90+ Cellars wine bottles, or for more detailed information, take a look at that wine's product page on our website. Type or write out the varietal and tasting notes so that you know what to look for in the wines you’re tasting. If you want to use the same wines we’re using in this example, we have tasting note cards already created for you - copy or print out the template linked at the bottom of this blog post! 

Step 2: 

Cover the wine bottles with your fabric bag, paper bag or aluminum foil so you can’t see the label or decipher between the bottles of wine. 

quarantine activity: throw a blind wine tasting

Step 3:

Mark each bottle with a different number. 

Step 4: 

Pour and taste each of the wines. 

Step 5: 

Write your name on the tasting note cards and place them alongside the numbered bottle you think best fits that varietal and description. 

And if you’re up for a real challenge… Take it one or two steps further and guess the region and/or appellation of the wine.  

Step 6:

The Big Reveal: Uncover the wine bottles to see how many of your guesses are correct, and raise a glass to a job well done! 

quarantine activity: throw a blind wine tasting


Click here to download and print our tasting note key. 

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