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The Best Lower Alcohol Wines

90+ Cellars Low Alcohol Wines


Not all wines are created equal. And some wines are lower in alcohol than others. Whether you're on a health kick or just want to enjoy a guilt-free glass of vino, we've got the lowdown on lower alcohol wines. Grab a glass, and let's dive into the world of lighter wines together.

What are low alcohol wines?

As the name suggests, low alcohol wines have less alcohol by volume percentage than an average wine. While there currently isn’t an industry standard for what qualifies as “low alcohol wine,” the average wine contains about 12-14%, so we can consider anything below that to be lower alcohol. Our low alcohol options fall between 6.5-11%, and never compromise on flavor. That’s because these are naturally lower in alcohol, as opposed to some wines that are made to be low alcohol through specific winemaking processes

Now let’s get into the nitty gritty... In winemaking, sugar and alcohol are directly related. As wine ferments, yeast metabolizes the sugar and creates alcohol. So, the higher the sugar content in the grape, the higher the alcohol potential. Climate, altitude, and the grape varietal itself all come into play as determining factors of sugar content. Grapes grown in cooler climates or higher altitudes won’t ripen as quickly, resulting in lower sugar content and therefore a lower alcohol potential. On the other hand, grapes with higher sugar levels made into sweeter wines (wines with residual sugar) will have a lower alcohol content since all of the sugar isn’t turned into alcohol… cool right?

Now that we have that down, let’s dive into our lower alcohol options that will make for delicious sips whenever you’re craving an easy-drinking glass

Vinho Verde

Vinho Verde translates to "green wine" or "young wine" because it is traditionally harvested before the grapes are fully ripened, retaining a lower sugar content. This process results in naturally lower alcohol wines that are crisp and refreshing. Our Lot 205 Vinho Verde is fruit forward and slightly effervescent, so the fact that it comes in at just 10% alcohol is the cherry on top. Oh, and it’s only 90 calories per serving!


Lot 66 is an off-dry style German Riesling that is ideal for year-round enjoyment. It grows in a cooler climate, resulting in a deliciously aromatic, lower alcohol wine. At just 10.5%, you don’t have to debate coming back for a second glass.

Prosecco and Prosecco Rosé

Does it get any better than a delicious glass of bubbly? Lot 50 Prosecco and Lot 197 Prosecco Rosé are just 11% alcohol by volume. They’re the perfect options for whatever you’re celebrating, even if it's just enjoying Sunday brunch. 


Craving a lower alcohol red wine option? Lot 172 Lambrusco is a must, and is even more incredible when paired with food. At just 8% alcohol, this wine has a delicious fizziness, acidity, and berry flavor that will lighten up hearty, Italian dishes. Try pairing Lambrusco with cured meat, hard cheeses, and classic Northern Italian pasta (such as lasagna, tagliatelle, and tortellini).

Moscato d’Asti

This crisp, balanced, and tastefully sweet Lot 134 Moscato d’Asti is only 6.5% alcohol! Bursting with floral and fruit notes, it’s the perfect sip to pair with your favorite funky cheeses like bleu cheese or gorgonzola, or is perfect on its own as your new go-to nightcap. 

Visit 90+ Cellars collection of Low Calorie and Low Alcohol Wines. Here's to raising a glass to guilt-free sips full of flavor. Cheers!

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