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Try This: The Best Greek Takeout & Wine Pairings

Try This: The Best Greek Takeout & Wine Pairings

With all of its bright, fresh ingredients, Greek is one of our all-time favorite spring and summer cuisines. Greek also happens to pair very well with warm weather wines, so as part of our ongoing takeout and BYO pairing series, we’ve put together a few of our favorite Greek food and wine pairings. If you’re in Boston and looking to support a local spot, try GreCo. And if you’re not in Boston, you can easily find similar dishes at your favorite local Greek spot. So pencil in a night for takeout and pretend your backyard or balcony setup is actually overlooking the Mediterranean with these delicious pairings. 

A big mixed plate option is a great way to feed several people and to sample a few different things on the menu. Our Greek feast included pork and chicken gyros, lamb and leek sausage, beef, hand-cut fries, spicy feta, tzatziki, pita, and more. With so many options, we recommend breaking out three versatile wine options: a light red, crisp white and bubbly rosé.

Pork Sausage or Beef & Lot 179 Pinot Noir

Spicy light to medium-bodied reds are the go-to for grilled pork sausage or ground beef. Lot 179 Pinot Noir is balanced and fresh with just the right amount of oak and spice, so it complements these mid-weight meats (think: vs. a heavy steak or chicken/fish) really well. This is also one of our most popular wines and is super affordable, so it’s perfect for weekday sipping alongside a casual takeout dinner.

Chicken or Lamb Gyro & Lot 126 Sancerre

For lighter meats like chicken and lamb, look for a smooth white wine like Lot 126 Sancerre. The bright white flowers and citrus notes in this wine balance out the herb and spice-crusted chicken and lamb, while allowing the creamy tzatziki to really shine. Plus, a light, refreshing white like this one is great alongside pita bread dipped in spicy feta. 

Horiatiki (Classic Greek Salad) & Lot 197 Prosecco Rosé

We can’t think of anything as refreshing on a warm day as a classic Greek salad. Typically made with chopped tomato, cucumber, onion, Kalamata olives, fresh feta, and olive oil, this side dish is crunchy and colorful. Pair Horiatiki with an equally colorful wine, like our new Prosecco DOC Rosé. Everything about this wine makes it the perfect pairing for spring and summer salads, from the bright red fruits and citrus to its delicate effervescence. We recommend reaching for this wine no matter what you’re tossing into your salad bowl. 

A SWEET SURPRISE! Because Prosecco Rosé is so versatile and bubbles generally complement sweet dishes, you’ll want to pour yourself another glass of this wine if you’re capping off your Greek feast with a traditional dessert like Baklava or Loukoumas (Greek-style donuts). 

So next time you’re grabbing Greek for dinner, use this guide as your go-to for wine pairings and we’re sure you’ll feel like you’ve been transported straight to the Greek Isles. 

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