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Our Favorite Naturally Low Calorie Wines

Explore 90+ Cellars Low Calorie Wines


For those seeking a healthier sip without compromising on taste, we have great news for you – many of the wines that you already know and love are naturally lower in calories. Read on to learn what makes a wine naturally lower in calories, and pour yourself a guilt-free glass!

What makes a wine low in calories?

One of the primary contributors to the calorie count in wine is its alcohol content. Low-calorie wines often have lower alcohol content, which helps in trimming down the overall calories in the wine.

Sugar content also plays a crucial role in the calorie count of wine. Wines with higher residual sugar tend to be sweeter, and more caloric. Low-calorie wines often have minimal residual sugar, appealing to those who prefer a drier, crisper taste. 

The fermentation process also has a significant impact on the calorie content of wine. Winemakers may use various fermentation techniques to control the sugar conversion into alcohol. Extended fermentation periods can result in lower residual sugar and a reduction in overall calories. Techniques such as cold fermentation and malolactic fermentation may be used to achieve specific flavor profiles while keeping calorie counts in check.

Grape varieties can influence the calorie content of wine as well. Certain grape varieties naturally have higher sugar levels, contributing to a higher-calorie wine.

Choosing low calorie doesn't mean sacrificing the pleasure of a great glass of vino. Here are some of our favorite, low cal wines that are 100 calories or less:

Lot 42 Pinot Grigio - 99 calories

Lot 50 Prosecco - 94 calories

Lot 132 Côtes de Provence Rosè - 100 calories

Lot 170 Muscadet Sèvre et Maine - 99 calories

Lot 205 Vinho Verde - 90 calories

Visit 90+ Cellars collection of Low Calorie and Low Alcohol Wines. Here's to toasting to health-conscious indulgence — one low calorie glass at a time!

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