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Most Exciting Wines of 2022

90+ Cellars Most Exciting Wines of 2022

What is your favorite thing about wine? If you ask us, we’d tell you the memories we make around the bottle, the stories told while sharing a glass, and the way wine can transport you to a place or time with just one sip. Enter this list of our most exciting, and memorable wines of 2022 that includes some of our most popular wines of the past year along with new releases that made a splash! Pour yourself a glass and read on to discover this fantastic selection of great wines from around the world.

Most Exciting Wines of 2022

Lot 197 Prosecco Rosé

We’re thankful that more and more wine drinkers continue to look to sparkling wines all year long. You don’t need a reason to celebrate to pop open this festive pink sparkler, because no matter what, it is sure to get the party started. With notes of roses, citrus, and strawberries and refreshing acidity, this bubbly rosé is a crowd-pleaser that is great for any occasion.

Lot 179 California Pinot Noir

This easy-drinking Pinot Noir is no wallflower! Known for finesse more than force and verve more than vigor, Pinot Noir from California reflects the best of the Pacific coast with its ripe red fruit, smooth texture and good vibes. Perfectly balanced and fresh, this Pinot is the quintessential house red, perfect for pairing with dinner, enjoying with friends and family, or for relaxing after work.

Lot 174 Rias Baixas Albariño

If you enjoy dry, aromatic and fruit-forward white wines like Sauvignon Blanc, you need to add Albariño to your list! And seeing that this delicious wine made our most exciting wines of 2022 list, it seems to have done just that. Lively yet delicate, crisp yet creamy, a glass of Albariño brings a zesty freshness to your palate that will keep you coming back for another sip.

Lot 188 Montepulciano d’Abruzzo

We’re excited to see this wine was such a favorite in 2022 as we continue to ramp up our efforts to support sustainable practices in the wine industry. Made from 100% organic grapes, our Montepulciano d’Abruzzo sends fewer pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, and other chemicals into the earth… and into your wine! Lot 188 is perfect for pairing with spaghetti bolognese, sautéed mushrooms, or sliced Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Lot 170 Muscadet Sèvre et Maine

Muscadet Sèvre et Maine is one of the freshest, thirst quenching wines on earth, so it’s no surprise that this wine was a go-to this year. Muscadet, also known as Melon de Bourgogne, grows on hillsides between the rivers Sèvre and Maine, tributaries of France's Loire River. The vines here are grown on chalky and limestone soils that impart a beautiful minerality in the wine that make it perfect for pairing with all types of seafood and shellfish, especially in the warm, summer months!

Lot 152 California Chardonnay

This wine is the yin to Lot 179 Pinot Noir’s yang. If your perfect house red is a smooth, easy-drinking, well-balanced and fresh California Pinot Noir, then perhaps your perfect house white is a smooth, easy-drinking, well-balanced and fresh California Chardonnay. We’re so excited that more and more people have come to love this Chardonnay over the past year. It’s brilliantly fresh and textured with a light-oak presence that doesn’t overwhelm the wine and still lets those fruit notes shine.

Lot 203 Brunello di Montalcino

Our Collector Series is reserved for truly outstanding, limited production wines that often only come around once. Lot 203 was the first time we had ever been able to bring a Brunello di Montalcino into this collection, and what a special wine it is. From the highly acclaimed 2015 vintage of Brunello, this wine is the epitome of old world complexity and elegance. The wine will immediately transport you to this magical hilltown in Tuscany, showcasing notes of toffee, plump raisins, dried blackberries and a touch of spice. 

Lot 126 Sancerre

The category of Sancerre has become very popular in the last few years, so it’s no surprise to see our Lot 126 Sancerre gracing this list. Those who seek the greatest Sauvignon Blanc in the world often look to this small region in France’s Loire Valley for racy, mineral-driven and intensely fresh white wines of elegance. Lot 126 is no exception. Delicately perfumed with aromas of fresh cut grass and citrus, the wine has a silky texture layered with notes of grapefruit, gooseberry, and flint. 

Lot 210 Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon

We introduced our new Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon this past fall, and it immediately was a hit. Paso winemakers embrace a rule-breaking, contrarian spirit and put innovation and creativity at the forefront of winemaking - the result is beautiful, expressive wines. Lot 210 is perfect for those who love to explore the best Cabernet Sauvignon California has to offer. 

Lot 205 Vinho Verde

Our first ever release from Portugal, Lot 205 Vinho Verde made a big splash in 2022! Crisp, low in alcohol, and slightly effervescent with bursting notes of citrus, melon and gooseberry, this white wine was definitely a summer go-to but continued to shine even as the weather got cool. Vinho Verde is quite versatile and can be paired with all kinds of dishes, so we can’t wait to see how you continue to enjoy this wine in the months to come!

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