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Beyond the Glass: Pinot Grigio of Delle Venezie, Italy

Sunny wine vineyard in Trentino, Italy


If you're a white wine lover, chances are Pinot Grigio is one of your go-to's— and it's easy to understand why! Pinot Grigio is light, dry, crisp, and food-friendly. But, Pinot Grigio doesn't just have to be a "pleasantly safe option." If you're looking for a standout Pinot Grigio, look to Italy's Delle Venezie region. 

Let's explore 90+ Cellars Lot 42 Pinot Grigio and why this northeastern Italian wine region is the ideal home for world class Pinot Grigio.


Origin of Pinot Grigio

Many think of Pinot Grigio as the consummate Italian white, but, the grape's origins are actually in France, where it's known as Pinot Gris. You might be familiar with another famous member of the Pinot family, Pinot Noir, whose ancestral home is Burgundy. Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio is a genetic mutation of Pinot Noir with a lower amount of anthocyanins, which contribute to the grape's pigment.

Historically speaking, Pinot Gris was interplanted among Pinot Noir in Burgundy and co-fermented to soften Pinot Noir's rough edges. It was also widely planted in the Champagne region of France. From there, vines were brought to Switzerland and then Hungary, and, eventually, to Northern Italy! 

Fun fact: 'Pinot' is based on the Latin root 'pin', meaning pine because the grape clusters are pinecone-shaped. 'Grigio' means 'gray,' as the grape clusters have a mottled pinkish-gray appearance. 


Delle Venezie: Ideal for Pinot Grigio

Delle Venezie is a region in northeastern Italy, encompassing parts of Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, and Trentino-Alto Adige. It is one of the most beautiful wine growing regions in the world, with dramatic mountain peaks, gorgeous sun-dappled valleys, and fairytale villages. This area is known for its diverse terroirs, including hills, plains, and alpine areas, which have varied microclimates and soil types ideal for producing excellent Pinot Grigio wines. 

Lot 42 Pinot Grigio is harvested from sustainable vineyards in the Trentino and central Venezie regions, resulting in a wine that is simultaneously crisp, round, and fruit-forward. Overall, the grape thrives in Delle Venezie’s cooler climate (the average growing season is between 57 and 59 degrees). Warm days and very cool evenings fully ripen grapes while also preserving acidity and freshness.

Lot 42 will transport you right to a charming northern-Italian village. It has aromas of wildflowers, cantaloupe, and juicy peach. On the palate, it's round, medium-bodied and mouthwatering, with more ripe peach, honeysuckle notes, and a hint of lemon pith and savory minerality on the finish. Yum!


What to Pair with Delle Venezia Pinot Grigio

Nowhere is food and wine closer to the heart of culture than Italy! After all, in Italy, a man is never 'drunk'; he just 'hasn't had enough food yet'...

Wine is a part of the table in Italy, and food is rarely served without it. Pinot Grigio is the ideal wine for Aperitivo: the hour at the end of the workday when everyone comes together for a cheers and a snack. "What grows together goes together" is a valuable pairing mantra. Look for cow's milk cheeses from the region. One that's pretty easy to find in the US is Fontal, a cross between Fontina and Emmental. Also traditional to the region is Speck, a smoked cured ham. Add some fresh fruit and crusty bread, and you have the ingredients for a truly pleasurable spread perfect for spring and summer picnics, but delicious any time of the year. 

Cin Cin! 

This article was co-written with Sommelier and Wine Blogger, Sarah Tracey

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