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3 Ways to Enjoy Our Low-Calorie Summer Sipper Wines

Explore 90+ Cellar Low Calorie Wines

If you’re looking for lower calorie wine options, you don’t have to sacrifice alcohol and flavor. In fact, there are many wines that are naturally low in calories. Our Summer Sippers collection includes a selection of wines that are naturally low calorie and perfect for summer sipping. 

Read on to learn about these naturally low cal wines, along with two deliciously healthy summer wine pairings and a mouthwatering spritz cocktail recipe.


provence rosé paired with watermelon salad for summertime

1. Lot 132 Cotes de Provence Rosé paired with a Watermelon Salad including apples, house pickled shallots, crumbled chévre and fresh thyme

Lot 132 Cotes de Provence Rosé is just 100 calories per 5oz serving and it's a must-sip during the summertime. The freshness of this wine along with its aromatic character make it the perfect pairing for a fresh Watermelon Salad with cheese and herbs. 


tomatoe bruschetta paired with 90+ cellars pinot grigio, summer sipper pairings!

2. Lot 42 Pinot Grigio paired with Tomato Bruschetta on homemade sourdough and a summer farmer's market salad

Lot 42 Pinot Grigio is just 109 calories per 5oz serving and another refreshing wine that was made for fun in the sun. This crowd-pleasing white wine is medium bodied with a generous smack of minerality and is also one of our best-selling white wines. So, after you hit up your local farmers market for fresh heirloom tomatoes, make sure you have a chilled glass of Pinot Grigio waiting!


low calorie prosecco summer spritz makes the perfect summer sipper

3. Lot 50 Prosecco Cherry Peach Spritz Cocktail Recipe

Lot 50 Prosecco is just 94 calories per 5oz serving and it's our favorite ingredient for spritz'ing up a summer wine cocktail! Make sure you have some Steel 43 Vodka on the ready for this Cherry Peach Spritz Cocktail! Check out the recipe details below! 

Cherry Peach Spritz by @chelseapeachtree

      • 6 oz 90+ Cellars Lot 50 Prosecco
      • 1.5 oz Steel 43 Vodka
      • 3 cherries
      • 2 tbsp diced peaches
      • 3-4 mint sprigs
      • ice
        • Place cherries, mint and peaches into a glass and muddle. Pour in vodka and Prosecco and stir. Fill to the top with ice. Garnish with additional cherries, peaches or mint.

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