90+ Cellars isn’t just about providing great wines at everyday prices. We’re about providing great wines, period.

The same business model that allows us to put a $20 wine in the bottle for $12, also allows us to put an $80 wine in the bottle for $40.

Where our higher tier wines come from

We work with some of the world’s greatest wineries. This is especially true with our higher tier wines. In fact, when it comes to our 90+ Cellars Reserve/Collector Series wines and Magic Door wines, you’d likely be blown away if we told you who some of the source wineries are. (Of course, we can’t tell you who they are, but) these are often big name wineries that sell some of the most highly regarded wines in the world.


Here are some of our Expert Selections from our current portfolio:

Lot 26 Barolo

Piedmont, Italy 2013

Lot 100 Monster Red Blend

Columbia Valley, Washington, 2014


Lot 94 Cabernet Sauvignon

Rutherford, Napa Valley, California 2016

Lot 126 Sancerre

Loire Valley, France, 2016

Lot 27 Barbera d’Alba

Piedmont, Italy 2015

Magic Door Sauvignon Blanc

Oakville, Napa Valley, CA, 2016

Magic Door Cabernet Sauvignon

Columbia Valley, Washington, 2011

Magic Door Cabernet Sauvignon

Oakville, Napa Valley, CA, 2014

Magic Door Cabernet Sauvignon

Rutherford, Napa Valley, CA, 2012

Magic Door Cabernet Sauvignon

Yountville, Napa Valley, CA, 2013

Magic Door Rosso Toscana

Italia, 2011

Magic Door La Cle De La Femme Champagne

Brut, NV

Iron Side Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon

California, 2015



“Love the crisp minerality of Lot 126 Sancerre, and it goes great with the fish that I’m going to be eating more of now that I am getting old and need to keep my cholesterol in check!”


VP Marketing

“Our Collector Series Barolo is a seriously stellar wine. Especially the 2013 vintage. It’s got ageability, as you’d expect to find in a good Barolo, but it’s also tasting amazing right now. The quality of this Barolo for the price point is incredible.”


Regional Sales Manager

“Magic Door La Cle de la Femme Champagne – This wine is both refreshing and complex, and at a price well below many of the big houses. Worthy of toasting with on special occasion, but I’m happy to enjoy with roasted chicken on a weeknight.”

Why do these well-known, super premium wineries have wine to sell us?

There are a number of reasons why these wineries sell us their wine. In some scenarios, high end wineries want to create demand by only releasing a certain amount of wine each year. At which point, they may sell us the rest of their wine so that they can promote low production numbers.

In other cases, a high end winery may choose to only bottle a certain percentage of their wine to meet very specific quality levels. In cases like this, these wineries may have the need to create a second label. If their primary brand sells for $150 a bottle, they may have enough wine to create a second brand that would sell for $80-$100 a bottle. Instead of creating and building that second brand, they may choose to sell off their “second label” wine to 90+ Cellars. At which point we may be able to sell that great $80 wine for half (since we don’t have the overhead of a winery facility or vineyards).

There’s also the one-off opportunities we come across. For instance, a great winery may have a big vintage one year that they don’t have the capacity to handle.

Any way you look at it, it’s a win/win/win scenario.

Get a curated case

Want one of our wine experts to select a mix 12-pack just for you? Shoot us an email and let us know the kinds of wine you typically like to drink, and we’ll put together a 12 pack of some of our most serious wines for you to enjoy.


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