5 Smart Ways to Finish the Bottle

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Please welcome today to the 90+ Cellars Blog a guest blogger and Boston local, Kelly! She's got some useful tips that the home wine drinker will be particulary interested in.

Sometime between turning 21 and becoming a mom I have turned into the type of person that prefers a glass of wine or champagne as my way to wind down after a long day.  I used to make cocktails or go to the bar and have a drink or two, but now I am usually content with just a glass at home. Today, I am going to share with you some smart ways you can use the rest of the bottle after you have that glass. Some are common, and some are ones I only just discovered in the past 2.5 years as a mom.

1. Cooking creatively – There are probably a hundred ways wine can be used while cooking, but I will share just a couple of my favorites: replacing the liquid in quinoa or risotto with wine, cooking down wine into a sauce, and using a favorite wine as a marinade.


2. F-U fruit flies! Those pesky fruit flies. I feel like every summer someone on Facebook or Twitter is reaching out and trying to find a way to get rid of them. Pour about a half-inch of red wine into a glass or container and cover with plastic wrap. Poke a few holes (I use a safety pin or tack to do this) in the plastic wrap; this allows the fruit flies in but doesn’t allow them out.

3. Quick clean-up – I think we all have that one horror story about spilling a glass of red wine and having no idea how to get the stain out. Turns out, you can use white wine! Pour white wine on the red wine stain and blot it immediately.


4. BYOV Save leftover wine and turn it into vinegar (on purpose!)  Leave an opened ¾ full bottle of wine out for a few weeks and it will turn into vinegar on its own. Make sure you leave the bottle out of reach from little fingers so that you don’t end up with a wine mess!

5. Festive freezing – Freeze some of your favorite wine into ice cubes to have on hand when making sangria. Use instead of regular ice cubes to avoid a watered-down beverage.


What is your favorite way to finish the bottle?

Kelly Bonatsakis is a Boston area blogger and stay at home mom. You can follow her wine, motherhood, food, and fitness-related adventures on her blog Cupcake Kelly’s, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. In her free time she enjoys taking art class with her son, dining at local restaurants, and popping a bottle of Prosecco (which she always finds a way to finish).

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